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Anonymous asked: Hey there! I've got a question, I hope you can help me out. You know how shop staff in Korea tend to follow you around and stick to your heels, right? This makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and uneasy :c Do you know how I can tell them to leave me alone? Of course I'd phrase it more politely, maybe something along the lines of "I'm just looking around, thank you". Anything would be fine, I just want to get them off my back. If you do know a phrase, please type it in hangul, thank you ^^


Hehe, yes I know exactly what you are talking about! They will literally follow you within inches. You can say “그냥 둘러보는 거에요.” which means “Just looking around.”. You can of course add “감사합니다” to the end to make it more polite. I actually got a bit annoyed with that during my time in Korea. But after coming back to America and dealing with cranky workers, I suddenly realized how unique Korea is. I never once came across a rude worker in Korea. I can appreciate this custom a bit more easily now. Enjoy your time in Korea :)

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잔돈은 가지세요.
Keep the change.

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각자 부담합시다.
Let’s split the check.

부담하다 to bear the expenses

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오늘은 제가 한턱낼게요.
Today I will treat you (to dinner).

한턱 내다 to treat

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The cute little monk in Xichan Temple, Fuzhou, southeast China’s Fujian Province.

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Just had to. … That woman’s reaction…. lol

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